• Discover how media is shared in Social Networks
  • Optimize your social media strategies
  • Measure your impact on Social Networks
  • Discover how media is shared in Social Networks
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Social Media Monitoring

SocialSensor helps you to get the most out of social media. All the features you need in one place



Get the latest happenings in social media

Track & inform about the latest social feed, produced by a large set of news hounds combined with keyword search.
We gather information all in one place rather than having to do it individually across separate platforms. We provide deep analytics data, surrounding with a clustering method



See everything and be anywhere

Experience & observe any event in the world!
Get relevant photos, videos and posts minutes after they were published. Sense the best moments of the event through accurate and customizable visualizations



Keep track of your brand online

Monitor & analyze the presence of your brand in Social Media! Find out who is talking your company and for what reason. Furthermore, a collection of various metrics and visualizations are presented, so that you can gain meaningful insights.